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Ashley Madison Former CEO’s Shocking Position on Affairs

You know how in movies the bad guy always thinks he’s doing everyone a service with his evil plan? Noel Biderman, former CEO of infidelity website Ashley Madison, follows that template rather closely.

Biderman, the Douche Of The Year, believes that his website aimed at helping people cheat on their spouses, actually helps marriages. You can imagine the excuses adulterous husbands are giving to their wives: “Honey, the site’s owner says that if I cheat on you, our marriage will be saved! What more could you want?!?”

The bad guy is always delusional, so sure of himself that his plan is going to work, which it never does. Mr. Biderman, helping people have extramarital affairs isn’t going to save marriages; that’s like thinking another double cheeseburger with bacon is going to clear up that heart disease.

Marriages, just like other relationships, are based on trust, and having an affair will end that trust completely, and rightfully so. You made a vow with someone that you’d always be loyal, and an affair is about as traitorous as it gets.

Surprisingly, Biderman is actually married, and has been for 12 years. He says he’s never cheated or been cheated on, which may be a reason why he thinks cheating is the thing failing marriages need; if he had experienced something like that, or had any perspective at all, he’d know how crass his theory really is.

Oh, but here’s the thing: Biderman has cheated on his wife, and with multiple women. You know what, this makes a lot more sense now.

Clearly, the guy has totally bought into his idea of cheating to help save your marriage, which is how the bad guy always losses: you never try your own special elixir.

Noel Biderman is a liar and manipulator, and unfortunately, he’s good at both. He’s lied to his wife for years, sleeping with other women behind her back.

He set up Ashley Madison, hoping to make millions of off people who cheat on their spouses, which isn’t the most noble of deeds. Not a lie, but still a douche move.

He’s even written two books on infidelity, claiming that cheating actually helps marriages (SPOILER ALERT: it doesn’t). This fool has been lying so much that even he bought into it; he’s so good at manipulating people that he’s even tricked himself!

Just like the bad guys from the movies, Ashley Madison’s former CEO totally believed in his plans, thinking he was about to rule the world starting with infidelity in the USA and all over the world.  Let’s just hope that the CEO’s of other affair dating are not quiet as delusional. Just like the bad guys from the movies, he fell short of his goal, oblivious to how it all went wrong.

Here’s to hoping there aren’t any sequels.

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