Cheating Wives

5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Wife From Cheating

Infidelity, unfortunately, is a topic that’s being discussed a lot more these days than in the past, and for good reason: up to 60% of married people in the United States will cheat on their spouse at some point in their marriage. That’s a worrying statistic, and although it may seem like infidelity is running wild, there are some things you can do to keep your marriage healthy.

Specifically, there are five simple steps you can take to keep your wife from cheating, and they’re conveniently listed for you below. While there are a variety of reasons why people cheat, sometimes it’s a lack of something important in the relationship, or, occasionally, something that the other partner did (or didn’t do) that lead to discontentment and the infidelity.

If you’re worried about your wife being faithful, she’s been distant lately, or you just don’t want to give her a reason to even think about it, follow these easy steps. Maybe you’ll find that you were forgetting an important factor in your role as husband that you can then use to improve your marriage.

1 No Snooping.

If you’re worried that your wife is cheating or is considering cheating on you, the first thing you’ll probably do is spy on her and see if she’s calling, emailing, or texting anyone out of the ordinary. This actually a no-no; snooping will only make them stray further if they catch you in the act.

By spying on them, you’ve already made it clear that your trust in them is waning, and if they’ve been faithful the entire time, you’ll look like a fool. If they’re cheating, the signs will be obvious enough to where you won’t need to actually look for them.

Let’s say you search through some of her emails and texts, and she catches you in the act, and she’s never cheated on you; when you explain what you were doing, she’ll ask you why you thought she was cheating on you, and then she’ll (correctly) tell you how stupid that was and will be very displeased with you. We don’t want your wife to be displeased.

No, put her phone back down. Good boy.

2 Treat Her Like You Need Her.

If you want your wife to always remain faithful, give her every reason to do so; never take her for granted. Relationships can lose the passion and excitement that was there in the beginning, but it’s not hard at all to bring back those feelings of passion and desire.

Show your wife that you value her just as much as the day you got married; take her on date nights, have fun nights out with your married friends, and do little things like compliment her or even just giver her a certain look- you never know how much those little things mean to the ladies.

Sometimes when a spouse strays, it’s because they feel like they weren’t being treated the same as when the relationship was starting out. This happens often, as it’s hard to maintain the passion and romance in a long term relationship, but if you can take a moment out of each day to make her smile and show her how much you care about her and how much you need her, she’ll never even think of leaving.

3 Enough With The Same Old Routine.

Relationships of all kinds can get into a routine eventually, which can be hard to break and can lead to the failure of that relationship. This may seem like something that’s unpreventable, but if you put in the effort, your relationship will never lose the passion you felt when you first met.

Remember how back in the day you’d do something nice for her, just because you wanted to? It always made her smile (and got you laid), and frankly, you’re being lazy if you don’t do anything like that for her now.

Relationships are like a fire, and every once in a while you need to throw another log on keep it burning; you can do this by taking her out on a date, or making something for her, or even just cook dinner that night. Do something to make life easier for her, or just make her feel good- she wants to know that you still have a deep passion and love for her.

Break with routine every now and again, and remind her that you still feel the same way about her when you first met.

4 Get Back Your Mojo.

A popular reason why people cheat is because they don’t feel satisfied in bed. While it’s one of the sleaziest reasons to cheat (I mean, they’re all sleazy and ridiculous), it has a simple solution: change up your sex game!

If you and your wife aren’t having sex as often as you used to, or it’s just not the same anymore, talk about it with her. Talk about it from the point of view of what you as a couple can do to change it, rather than pointing fingers- that’s reason why people stray; the problem is always “their fault”, and the blame is always placed on them.

Ask her about what she wants when you have sex, and don’t be afraid to try something new- you never know if you’ll like it unless you try it! A little novelty in a relationship never hurt, especially when it comes to sex; who knows, maybe you’ll discover something together that you really enjoy!

You can’t have the same old sex every time and expect either one of you to have an enjoyable experience, so expand your horizons and try out some moves, toys, or whatever to spice up your sex life together.

5 Show Her What She Means To You.

If you’re worried that your wife is considering infidelity, or you just never want her to even consider it for a moment, show her what she means to you. Some people cheat because they weren’t being treated like they used to, and reminding your wife of how much you mean to her will surely quiet any thoughts she may have of leaving you.

Who wants to leave a relationship where their partner makes them feel loved and feel good about themselves? If telling your wife how much she means to you at random moments in the day isn’t romantic, then I don’t know what is.

We all need a reminder now and then of how much we mean to those we care about; reminding her of how much you mean to her and how you wouldn’t be able to live without her will surely make her feel wanted and loved.

Relationships are really hard to maintain, especially for long term relationships like marriages. It’s hard to maintain the romance felt when the relationship began, and the lack of romance is a one of the most popular reasons for why people cheat on their spouses.

If you think your wife is cheating or considering it, there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your marriage stays in tact. Follow them, and trust your instincts.  Because at the end of the day, you really don’t want to come home to something like this: