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Brazil Unveils Ambitious Plan to Fight Climate Change PDF Print E-mail
2008 - October 2008
Written by Catarina Chagas   
Monday, 13 October 2008 11:59

Brazilian sugarcane A plan to tackle climate change and minimize its impacts in Brazil has been drawn up and is now open for public consultation. The plan, formulated by several Brazilian government ministries and the Brazilian Forum of Climate Change  will be available for public consultation until the end of October.

After relevant suggestions have been incorporated, the plan will be sent to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in November for approval. The Forum of Climate Change is an umbrella organization aiming to stimulate public awareness and dialogue, and incorporate climate change issues into public policies

"Brazil has done its part in the mitigation of climate change and is determined and committed to doing more, using its full national capacity as part of an overall effort to combat climate change," says the plan, released on September 29.

The recommendations are organized into four lines of action: mitigation; vulnerability, impact and adaptation; research and development; and empowerment and divulgation.

Goals include getting 7,000 megawatts of power from renewable energy between 2008 and 2010, increasing production of ethanol from 25.6 billion liters in 2008 to 53.2 billion liters by 2017, and preventing the release of 570 million tons of carbon dioxide between 2008 and 2017 by using biofuels.

Targets will be met by promoting sustainable development in the industrial and agricultural sectors, maintaining a high proportion of renewable energy in the electricity production, encouraging the use of biofuels in the transportation sector, and reducing deforestation.

Other elements include a moratorium on the selling of soybeans that come from deforested areas of the Brazilian Amazon, and the elimination of ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbon gases (CFCs) with the replacement of one million old refrigerators per year.

"This initiative is important because it helps to incorporate climate issues into all government programs and projects," said Suzana Kahn Ribeiro, secretary of climate change and environment quality of the Brazilian Ministry of Environment. She adds that another important task of the new plan is to foster public awareness about climate change and its impacts on Brazil.

To support the plan, the Brazilian government will create economic, technical, political and institutional mechanisms, such as laws and funding, over the next few years.

The plan will be delivered in phases, beginning in 2009. "The National Plan on Climate Change is a dynamic project. During its execution, we can add new goals and strategies if necessary," says Ribeiro.

Brazil's National Plan on Climate Change, in Portuguese:


Comments (5)Add Comment
"Brazil has done its part in the mitigation of climate change " ???????
written by ch.c., October 14, 2008
What about the burnings for deforestation ?
What about the yearly burning for the sugarcane fields ?
What about the new oil refineries, highly polluting, products that will be used for exports, . The USA has not built ONE single oil refinery in over 30 years ! Because they dont have the money or the technology ?????

Globalization is great ! You are going to be drown in your pollution. We will have cleaner and cleaner air...over time !
We will create new health centers : FRESH AIR CENTERS !!!!! Of course...very expensive & exclusive...for the BRIC managers only !
For the BRIC workers it will be huts in the deforested Amazon areas !!!!!!!
Dont worry, developed nations have the ideas and the money for long term projects.

smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif
written by Treehugger, October 14, 2008
75% of Brazil's GHG emissions come from deforestation. 80% of Brazil's deforestation is illegal (according to the government's own stats). By simply enforcing laws already on the books Brazil could drastically reduce their contribution to climate change while simultaneously silencing all those pesky environmentalists and meddling foreign governments. It's another no-brainer that seems to always escape the best and brightest in Brasilia.
Wait a second Treehugger !
written by ch.c., October 14, 2008
Since you seem to have some knowledge what about that one :

From several sources I read, 70 % of the CO2 emissions in the USA is due to transportation vehicles.

Brazil has a cattle herd of over 170 millions !
Plus tens of millions of swines also producing a lot of CO2 !

What is then your view on Brazil CO2 emissions from animals ???????

Furthermore what is your view on sugarcane fields burnings before harvesting ?

Why Brazil wants to build oil refineries so that they can EXPORT gasoline-diesel or whatever derivatives to the U.S. an d why in your view the USA has NOT built ONE oil refinery in the last 30 years ?

Sorry Buddy I am certainly not an environmentalist, but then on what basis does Brazil has the right to criticze others ? the end it is Brazil that as you say wants to "silence all those pesky environmentalists and meddling foreign governments. It's another no-brainer that seems to always escape the best and brightest in Brasilia."

Not over Brazzohugger, what about China ? In one or two years they will pollute more than the USA, while still having a fraction of the USA GDP !!!!!!
Why the filthy Robin the Crook always finger point the developed nations ?

You also probably know, hopefully that one of the most polluting industry is THE STEEL INDUSTRY !!!!!
Why then Brazil is building all these new mills ? Because they have done their the Chinese Steel Industry, one of the most polluting ?????

Not over, about your "best and and brightest in Brasilia. " you said why dont they do anything about the laws they voted for ?
Finally another stupid question Junkiehugger : what have "the best and and brightest in Brasilia" done against corruption during the vote buying scandal ? Despite having been recognized guilty by ALL the investigators, YOUR FILTHY "best and and brightest in Brasilia" HAVE PARDONED THOSE GUILTY...IN A SECRET VOTE !!!!!!!
Where does Brazil stands against Palocci ?
Where does Brazil stands against the ambulances corruption scandal ?
Where does Brazil stands against the Killers of Sister Dorothy ??????
Where does Brazil stands against the World Reknown Brazilians Deaths Squads composed mostly of policemen and killings innocent
street children ???????

as you said Lulahugger
"By simply enforcing laws already on the books in Brazil "

Has the Brazilian Constitution not banned slavery for over the last 100 years ?
Sure the "best and and brightest in Brasilia" should only apply the laws in place. Did they ? Do they ? Will they ?

You see Clownhugger, writing a good law is very simple. Applying it is quite a difference. Its is ALL the difference !

Have you already at least simply started to read once the first few pages of the Brazilian Constitution ???????????
A real joke versus the reality !
Once more the "best and brightest in Brasilia" should only apply the laws in place !

but you should also look at YOUR " Bright and and Brightest in Brasilia" for their 2008 ranking in World Corruption !!!!!!!!!
Look also at the name of your neighbours in the rankings !!!!!!!!

Be proud Corruptionhugger !!!!!

But...welcome a commentator !!!!!
written by João da Silva, October 14, 2008
But...welcome a commentator !!!!!

After thoroughly scolding the poor fellow, you are warmly welcoming him as a commentator!

You have a golden heart, Ch.c. smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif
written by Treehugger, October 14, 2008
Do you suffer from turrets? Or is your babbling simply attributed to stupidity?

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