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Brazil Invokes Moral Obligation and Opens Lab in Africa to Make Aids Medicine PDF Print E-mail
2008 - October 2008
Written by Yara Aquino   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 22:00

Brazil Lula in Africa The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Friday, October 17, during a tour that took the Brazilian leader to Spain, India and Mozambique, that Brazil has a "political, moral and ethical obligation" with regard to the African continent.

This statement was made on inaugurating the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) office in Maputo, Mozambique. This is the organization's first office abroad. Fiocruz is a research institution connected to the Ministry of Health.

"Brazil has a political, moral and ethical obligation to do what it is doing on the African continent. We are certainly not the main debtors to Africa, but we are certainly the most thankful as they helped make us what we are," he said, referring to the mixed blood of the Brazilian people.

The expectation is that investment in the construction of a Fiocruz unit should reach 13.6 million Brazilian reais (US$ 6.2 million) up to the end of 2009, and that it should help in the establishment of a factory of antiretroviral drugs for the treatment of Aids.

"We have an objective of complying with the deadlines specified to give the African people of Mozambique the right not to die precociously of Aids and other diseases," said Lula during his address.

In Maputo, Lula also delivered to the governor of Mozambique a mobile unit given by the Social Service for Industry (Sesi). The visit to Mozambique ended the Brazilian president's trip, which began in Spain, and also included India.


Comments (4)Add Comment
written by Augustus, October 20, 2008
It appears that at every other week, I seem to find an article about the ill-reputed, semi-illiterate Brazilian "ruler" visiting some site, or attending a given even somewhere outside Brazil, which let me to the conclusion that this overbearing creature can be scarcely found (if ever) in Brasilia)...

Is it just my impression? An inquiring mind would like to know...
written by Double-Dot, October 20, 2008
Is it just my impression? An inquiring mind would like to know...

No, Milord. It is not just your impression, but a fact. Every month, he takes off to a distant land for a week. Apparently to demonstrate his statesmanship. smilies/cheesy.gif
To Augustus and el al !!!!!
written by ch.c., October 21, 2008
You are somewhat right.
But in developed or emerging nations, you can find many times similarities :

When there are problems at home...Presidents travel more outside the country !!!!!!

Therefore on that particular is not much worse than other Presidents !

And about "but we are certainly the most thankful as they helped make us what we are," he said, referring to the mixed blood of the Brazilian people." :
Sure.......Brazil was the country with the largest number of AFRICAN SLAVES !
And despite you have abolished slavery in your constitution over a CENTURY ago, you still have slaves on 2008 !
But who cares about the Brazilian Constitution ? Certainly not the Brazilian Government or the Brazilians Politicians !
Not even the Brazilians farmers or charcoal producers !
Latin American Constitutions - Preposterous travesties of convenience
written by Augustus, October 22, 2008
Constitution, are you serious? Latin American's use Constitutions as if they were scripts for a play which happens to be popular during a particular season... As such, the Latin "Rules" do not hesitate to discard, amend, suspend or even suppress it as they see fit, making Latin American governments appear, at best as “Comedies”, often as popular “Dramas” or most likely as “Tragedies”; in any case there is no doubt that the disgusting “band of corrupt thieves” run their governments as a “Farce”; a sheer travesty of Sham in sheer mockery of its abused peoples…

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