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Brazil Heading to Russia on a Business Trip PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Ana Paula Marra   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 12:51

Vice president José Alencar leaves for Moscow today at the head of a mission of 58 business leaders to participate in the II High-Level Brazil-Russia Commission. The objective of the commission is to expand bilateral trade relations.

Amnesty Warns: 'Blood Bath Imminent in Rio's Favelas' PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Newsroom   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 12:30

Unless the authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, take immediate steps to restore order to the communities of Vigário Geral and Parada de Lucas in Rio, an escalation in fighting between rival drug gangs is inevitable and a "blood bath" will ensue in which many innocent people are likely to die, according to information passed on to Amnesty International.

106 Cities from Around the World Meet in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Alexandre Rocha   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 12:08

The exchange of information and experiences between cities around the world is among the objectives of the first meeting of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) executive committee, which started yesterday (06) in São Paulo, and will go on until tomorrow. The organization represents 100,000 cities on all continents.

Brazil's Domestic Market Picks Up Strength PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Lílian de Macedo   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 11:41

Job openings in the Brazilian industry increased 0.88% in August, in comparison with July, and 0.98% after seasonal influences (specific characteristics that affect industrial production at certain times of year) are factored out. Salaries rose 1.42% during the period: 9.98%, if the basis of comparison is August, 2003.

Powell to Brazilians: 'US Is Your Friend!' PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Collin L. Powell   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 11:12

You are the ones who are going to take over as world leaders of the future, not me. I’m an old man. I’m going to be sitting on a porch somewhere. Dozing all of the time. You are the ones who are going to have to lead Brazil. Not President Lula. The message I have brought to Brazilians, and as I talk to young people in Brazil, is that you have a friend in the United States of America.

Powell: 'Brazilian Way of Fighting Hunger Is Unworkable' PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Colin L. Powell   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 10:30

Powell interview with Globo TVWe do support Brazil. We feel strongly that poverty and hunger are two enemies of the world. So we fully supported the goals that President Lula has. We have a disagreement with Brazil, and with some other countries, as to how best to accomplish this program. Should we tax international trade? We don’t think these particular ideas are workable.

Brazil Opens the Door to Its Bio Treasures PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Rosamélia de Abreu   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 09:15

In a move to take advantage of Brazil's enormous biodiversity, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment has approved the first contract with a private company for the use of plants, animals, minerals and micro-organisms in a determined region. The region is the Pantanal and the idea is to begin making perfumes from plants there.

Brazil's Lula: 'Beware of the European Union' PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Juliana Cézar Nunes   
Thursday, 07 October 2004 07:36

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is reported to have asked that the talks on an inter-regional association between Mercosur and the European Union continue, but also warned that care must be taken with regard to possible concessions.

China and Korea Building Steel Mill in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Newsroom   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004 18:44

The future installation of a second steel mill in São Luís, capital of the state of Maranhão, in Brazil's Northeast region, has been confirmed by the governor of that state, José Reinaldo Tavares.

2006, and Brazil Will Be Self-Sufficient in Oil PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Nielmar de Oliveira   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004 16:47

Brazil's Petrobras - Petróleo Brasileiro - the country's state-run oil giant, reports that between now and the year 2010 it will invest US$ 2.85 billion in pipeline transport of natural gas in Brazil.

Brazil Presents Samba de Roda as Mankind's Heritage PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Paula Medeiros   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004 14:19

The National Non-material Heritage Program, launched yesterday by Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, combines a series of measures for the identification, recognition, preservation, and promotion of non-material cultural values.

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