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Brazil and Argentina Join Forces in Cyberwar Against the US PDF Print E-mail
2013 - November 2013
Written by Newsroom   
Monday, 25 November 2013 11:52

Brazil and Argentina anti-spy allianceBrazilian Defense minister Celso Amorim met his Argentine counterpart Agustín Rossi and offered to incorporate all South American countries in their bilateral treaty on cyber-defense.

The decision was taken after several reports indicating that the United States engaged in espionage activities against the countries in the region.

Two months ago, both ministers met in Buenos Aires to discuss the situation and in this last meeting in Brazilian capital Brasilia they again discussed the same topic: how to promote cooperation in order to fight potential cyber threats, such as the espionage carried out by the US National Security Agency, which was unveiled by Edward Snowden, the former US agency contractor.

"I think that the UNASUR bloc has a common defense strategy," said Argentine minister Rossi in conversations with journalists after meeting Amorim.

Rossi also appealed to the rest of the countries in the southern end of South America to enroll in this cyber-defense strategy.

"In order to preserve the region's progress, we should consider this policy," he added.

According to Rossi, the organization in charge of discussing this proposal should be UNASUR's Defense Council. Defense ministers are supposed to meet and define joint actions regarding security.

Amorim regretted that the Council has not met since the espionage scandal started with Snowden's accusation, adding that it would be fundamental to debate the issue in the next meeting.

"However, while we wait until joint decisions are made in the South American sphere, we can work bilaterally as we are doing with Argentina" indicated Amorim.

To maintain that cooperation, Rossi said that the country will be sending a group of military officers to Brazil Superior War Academy to train in "cyber-war."

Meanwhile, Brazilian officers will be traveling to Buenos Aires to do a masters in the Army's University Institute.

Rossi was also invited to visit the Brazilian Army's Communications and Electronic War Center to learn about the defense actions carried out in Brazil.

Rossi and Amorim did not detail any other measures that both countries will be taking on jointly.


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What a joke !
written by Breckenfeld, November 25, 2013
I'd rather have the US NSA spying on us than trust Argentina. They have always stabbed Brazil in the back. It is more than a cultural thing. We mistrust them as much as we mistrut them. Such a cooperation is laughable... Lolrof!
Thank you!
written by Candly, November 26, 2013
Thank you for sharing. Your post worth of reading. Waiting for new posts. buyincoinssmilies/grin.gif
Blind leading the dancers
written by John Meyer, November 27, 2013
RE: "In Retaliation for NSA Espionage Brazil Hackers Hit NASA by Mistake."

Clowns Of Brazil teaching Argentina how to dance in cyberspace. Haaaaa
written by yuri, November 29, 2013

Bonjour et merci pour votre,, puis-je vous soumettre une question : me permettez-vous de faire un lien par mail vers cet article ? Merci pour tout.smilies/cool.gif
written by friv 6, January 09, 2014
These meetings and information sharing, and related issues we can see things in a positive spirit.
written by conon, July 20, 2014
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