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US Buys 26% of Brazil's Shoes. Exports Are Also 26% Down, However PDF Print E-mail
2009 - July 2009
Written by Newsroom   
Saturday, 25 July 2009 00:39

Brazilian shoes In the first six months of 2009, Brazil exported 65.8 million pairs of shoes. The figure represents a reduction of 26.5% over the same period last year. Revenues have also decreased, from US$ 951.1 million in the first half last year to US$ 679.6 million this year, a reduction of 28.5%.

The four leading buyer countries, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Italy, purchased approximately 30% less.

The leading buyer was the United States, which answered to 25.8% of the sales volume, having bought 17 million pairs. The second largest buyer of shoes from Brazil was the United Kingdom, with 5.8% of the shipped volume, and 3.8 million pairs purchased.

The third in the list was Argentina, with a 5.4% share of total exports and 3.6 million pairs purchased. The fourth destination country was Italy, with a 4.3% share of Brazilian shipments, and 2.8 million pairs.

Brazilian imports of shoes, however, grew 11% in the first half this year compared with the same period of 2008. The country spent US$ 164.3 million on imports of shoes this year, as against US$ 148 million during the same period last year. Nevertheless, the import volume decreased from 20.6 million pairs to 19.8 million pairs. The average price of imported shoes was US$ 8.31, growth of 15.6%.

In the first half this year the Middle East imported 2.17 million pairs of shoes from Brazil  representing sales of US$ 20.3 million. Africa, bought 2.14 million pairs, equivalent to US$ 11.8 million, according to figures disclosed by the Brazilian Association of Shoe Manufacturers (Abicalçados).

The Middle East accounted for 2.99% of Brazilian shoe exports, in terms of value, and to 3.31% in terms of volume. Africa, in turn, answered to 1.75% in terms of value and 3.25% in terms of volume. The average price paid by the Africans for of a pair of shoes - US$ 5.55 - was much lower than that of shoes purchased by Middle Eastern countries - US$ 9.33.


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65.8 million pairs of shoes for US$ 679.6 million !!!!
written by ch.c., July 25, 2009
Welll that is an average of US$ 10.- per pair ! Isnt it !!!!!!

Were these SHOES or........ FLIPS FLOPS ?????

In my view Brazil has a great export potential to CHINA !
Just imagine a country with a 1,5 billion population each buying 2 pairs of brazilians shoes...yearly.
But you will have to lower your prices to US$ 3.- per pair, to stay competitive with China prices !

Anyway these shoes cant be boots are made for the song says !

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