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Brazil Offers Half a Million Cheap Linux-Powered Computers PDF Print E-mail
2005 - October 2005
Written by Juliana Andrade   
Monday, 10 October 2005 18:17

Beginning next week, stores all over Brazil will start selling computers on the installment plan, at low interest rates, for no more than US$ 440, as part of the Linked Citizen Program, known as "Computers for All."

This information comes from the secretary of information policy in the Ministry of Science and Technology, Marcelo Lopes, according to whom 500 thousand units should be sold in a period of four to six months.

"It is our expectation that next week there will already be certified equipment available to Brazilian consumers, who will be given access to computers through this social inclusion program of the government," Lopes affirmed.

Those who are interested will have access to easier credit, funded with resources from the Workers' Assistance Fund (FAT), through the Bank of Brazil (BB), the Federal Savings Bank (CEF), and the Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES). The machines will be financed in up to 24 months with interests of 2% a month.

The Ministry also determined the minimal features the computers must contain, in terms of both equipment and programs. The idea is for consumers to take home a complete microcomputer, ready for use, with a Linux operating system and an array of open software programs with 27 software applications, including a photo editor, word processor, anti-virus, and internet navigator.

The computers will have the same configuration as conventional microcomputers, with a 15-inch video monitor, keyboard, mouse, microprocessor, CD-ROM, 1.44 MB floppy disk, 128 MB of memory, and a fax modem. Lopes went on to say that, in the case of internet access, price reductions are still being negotiated with the telephone companies and internet service providers. He reckoned there might be a monthly charge of US$ 3 for 15 hours of dial-up access.

Lopes also observed that, besides fostering digital inclusion, the Linked Citizen Program will stimulate industrial production in the country.

"This is a government measure that combines digital inclusion with social inclusion - in which many Brazilian families that lack access to computers will be able to acquire them under extremely favorable conditions, while industry will be stimulated by the increase in demand for equipment," he said.

For the general coordinator of the program, Sérgio Rosa, the initiative will also help to combat the black market.

Agência Brasil
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Why anti-virus?
written by Guest, November 06, 2005
If you have Linux you don't need anti-virus

Only window needs anti-virus at this time and it a must.

The last linux virus that was found in the wild was back in 1999 and it has not affect on a modern distro today.
written by Guest, November 08, 2005
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written by Guest, March 28, 2006
No anti-virus needed with Linux? I was using Xandros for a while and they supplied an anti-virus program that updated every week. I wonder why they would bother if it wasn't needed?

BTW, I found that Linux, even in the $80 Xandros version was "not ready for prime time". It would not perform as advertised. Nor would it run the Windows programs they said it would, even with Crossover. And Open Office was not totally compatible with Office, many formatting issues existed with Word and Many PowerPoint files did not run correctly.
written by Joe, October 30, 2006
Why would you buy a linux dirsti??
They are alle free available in the Internet.
You shouldn't use .doc or .ppt files, use the Openoffice standards!
Linux rocks, gives you a lot more possibilities and helps you safe a huge lot of money!

written by Edison, January 03, 2007
The brazillian goverment is so behind the rest of the world it's not funny. If they stopped worring about taxing the $hit out of the citizens and actually removed the near 100% tariffs on computers and other tools for production the people there might actually get somewhere. The isolationist tax policies that brazil has only serves the super rich industrialists and foreign companies who use this barrier to entry into the brazillian to overcharge ordinary people for substandard crap.
Buying clone computers
written by Soliel Mitchell, February 17, 2007
To Whom It May Concern

We are a computer company in Jamaica. We are urgently seeking a steady supply of computers p3 and p4 in large quantities, preferably 10,000 computers per week. However if this is not attainable we will gladly accept any quantity you can supply immediately.

For further information please contact me by: 1-876-410-8818 or 1-876-877-2803.

Thank You...

Yours Truly,

4x4 movies
written by James jeeper, April 30, 2008
Well now after few years we can see that it was a total disaster. None of these computers had specified options. No antivirus, not even a modem. That's realy shitty. I had to buy new mchine.

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